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Bird Workshops

Kevin's workshops are ideal for birding symposiums, and bird/nature/photo festivals.  All workshops can be either indoor, outdoor, or a combination of both.   They vary in length to accomodate individual situations.  Generally indoor workshops last 90 minutes and outdoor workshops last 2 to 4 hours.


Kevin has been an invited speaker at most festivals across the country including:  

  • Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

  • Galveston FeatherFest and Nature PhotoFest

  • Space Coast Bird and Nature Festival

  • Cape May Autumn Weekend and THE Bird Show

  • The Biggest Week in American Birding


Shorebirds by Impression

Shorebirds by Impression

This hands-on workshop uses a different approach to shorebird identification that focuses initially on unchangeable physical features. Kevin will share his experience in building a foundation for shorebird ID using basic impressions of size, shape, structural features and behavior before adding details of plumage and feather patterns to fine tune your ID conclusion. This workshop is suitable for birders of all levels, but will also include advanced ID tips.

Birding by Impression

Birding by Impression

This workshop shows how to do an assessment of a bird’s physical features, and continues with study of its behavior and consistent movements. Participants are asked to focus on size, body shape, structure and motion to form an initial impression of birds seen in the field, with analysis of plumage details and bare parts to follow. This holistic approach to bird ID results in truly “knowing” a bird rather than just identifying it.

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